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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The inevitable return of the great white dope

And after this nostalgic walk down my teen years in the ‘90s it’s time to get this thing rolling again. In the last few months since my last entry a great deal of events took place – so many in fact that I will not go into details here, maybe on another blog.

The geek-concerning facts are as follows:

I have basically stopped playing Diablo III since June. I finished hell, went in inferno and stopped at act 2. The latest update promised that it would help ease the transition between act 1 and act 2, guess what, it didn’t help much. What it did actually do was take away 7K damage that my wizard did due to attack speed items. Thanks Blizzard, that’s exactly what I wanted from this game. The RMAH is a failure so far –at least in Europe, since we Europeans don’t tend to stick our credit card in every available purchase hole. If nothing really impressive happens in the next few months, I’ll switch back to WOW, but NOT in a freekin panda!! My worgen rogue is in stand-by mode.

I play a LOT of MW in 2 FFA servers and what I discovered about this game is that despite being 5 years old and hack infested it’s still the best multiplayer FPS I have played – since the golden days of CS 1.4. The players in the server are close to my age, which means that the game is more about fun, insane no-scopes and impossible kills and less about verbal abuse, hacks and mindless spawn camping – they tend to camp like fuckin crazy, but this only helps me in amassing kills, since I play run&gun all the time. It’s pure, unadulterated fun for a couple of hours, no need for a super-computer rig to play, no need for me to verbally abuse a 12y old for sc’ing 10 times in a raw. Simply brilliant.

I have played demos of a few PS3 titles and my impressions were mixed. “Flower” is a beautiful game for female players of all ages if they want to irritate their boyfriends/partners/husbands to the point of nuclear meltdown. Honestly, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS GAME!!!??? The “Darkness 2” is an interesting mix of fps and tactical close combat but I fail to see its appeal after the first couple of truly awesome and bloody as fuck dismemberments. The “oh my fuck, did you see that guy get torn in half!!” effect will die out after the umpteenth time you do that, other than that it’s just a cover FPS. The most interesting demo I played was “Spec Ops:The line”, though I need to re-play that on my PC, like all FPS’s I hate the console controller. The game is a cross-over of Rainbow 6, ME2 and F.E.A.R. with most of the elements working most of the time. I liked the different command options that the player uses to take out targets via his team, but this option sometimes felt like it placed me out of the action. It’s not very heroic or interesting to just duck for cover and have the rest of your team kill everybody, only so you may stand up and say “Good job people”. In the game’s – more accurately, the demo’s - defence the atmosphere is intense, the graphics look very next-next gen and the action sequences are well over the top – zipping from one skyscraper to the other is the dream of my adrenaline junkie alter ego. J

As far as gaming goes I’ve toned it down quite a bit lately, needed to get my shit together and look for a proper job – still looking. I have however been watching tons of metric tons of films/series while working on my translations. Where do I begin…

Saw the entire 2nd season in 2 days, the way it’s meant to be seen. Don’t know if this is RPG-porn or porn-hack&slash but whatever it is, it works. I will not read the books yet, only for having the pleasure to be surprised, like with the death of Renly and the near death of the P-imp. The characters in the series are by far the most intriguing I’ve had the pleasure of discovering since the first 3 ½ seasons of Lost – fuck the remaining seasons, fuck the ending, fuck JJ for fucking this epic show up. I am still waiting for the Dragon Mother to set Westeroo ablaze and I want to see Jaqen H'ghar become the badest mother on screen since Eastwood’s Man-with-no-name. Other than that I simply hope that Martin will not turn the coming seasons into zomb-fests – I have The Walking Dead for that, thank you very much.

Saw both seasons of this unfortunate attempt to bring two great series together in one functioning, coherent new project – I found that this re-boot of the 1984 original V:The final battle series was the spiritual child of Alien Nation and the First Wave. Unfortunately the huge gaps in the story and the thin plot could not support the weight of this Babel tower of a police/sci-fi/teen drama series and led to its inevitable collapse after only 2 series. JJ to the rescue perhaps??

Yes, I see this SOLELY for Spielberg’s name in the credits. No, it’s not a good sci-fi series, maybe a higher graphics version of Captain Power – but in Captain Power the low-rez graphs were the reason that made this a cult classic in the first place. The series is overly American, the action is slow and the characters aren’t developing at all, more like slowly shimmering in a large frying pan, waiting to be put out of their misery in the next episode. Again, the only reason for me watching this is Spielberg’s name and the curiosity of finding how the hell the human race will survive against a completely impossible to overcome enemy. ID4 made me do it…

Saw the last season of this quizzical and yet somehow interesting sci-fi take on CSI –CSI:Geektown could be an alternative name… The plotline is now well beyond acceptable bullshit boundaries – one person’s energy destroying 2 universes?? – but the show has its good moments when it turns back to its roots. The episode Nothing as it seems is the proof that when the show wants to do good sci-fi, it makes BRILLIANT sci-fi.

I guess this is enough for an update on my geekness. Should anything else arises I’ll be reporting it in good time – whenever I damn well like it.
Like this great man said:

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