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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The inevitable return of the great white dope

And after this nostalgic walk down my teen years in the ‘90s it’s time to get this thing rolling again. In the last few months since my last entry a great deal of events took place – so many in fact that I will not go into details here, maybe on another blog.

The geek-concerning facts are as follows:

I have basically stopped playing Diablo III since June. I finished hell, went in inferno and stopped at act 2. The latest update promised that it would help ease the transition between act 1 and act 2, guess what, it didn’t help much. What it did actually do was take away 7K damage that my wizard did due to attack speed items. Thanks Blizzard, that’s exactly what I wanted from this game. The RMAH is a failure so far –at least in Europe, since we Europeans don’t tend to stick our credit card in every available purchase hole. If nothing really impressive happens in the next few months, I’ll switch back to WOW, but NOT in a freekin panda!! My worgen rogue is in stand-by mode.