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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

To all new arrivals

The Internet is buzzing with news from up-coming games, gamers are on the edge of their seats and summer is on the way, making you feel like you’re about to cheat the love of your life if you play games with so much sun out there- yes, we have that here in Greece, we have oodles of it...

Let’s see what will be dropping in in the next few months. We covered Diablo III extensively all ready, what I forgot to mention in that article was the fact that Rockstar is going head to head with Blizzard on the 15th of May. They will be releasing the 3rd chapter of their bullet-time, neo-noir game saga Max Payne in an attempt to snatch some mullah from Activision’s
[Money Grabbing Claws of Greed :
Legendary armour, +10 to all geek stats,
+20% chance of getting a gazillion gold from devoted mindless drone-gamers,
-100% to social life of players, global productivity and seeing daylight again]

Rockstar will be using the
[Badass/Kickass: Dual handed Uzis of Mayhem:
+10 to health, speed and inches of your penis,
+5% chance of breaking your shoulder while trying to imitate bullet-time in your room,
No reload.EVER.]

to do that. Guns, guns, guns and more guns will be the order of the day, with some splendid choreography and tight controls for side dishes. For dessert you may choose between the all new and ground-breaking cross-game Multiplayer mode, allowing players to use characters from GTA V on their roster, and a story coming out of a Jason Statham movie. Check please!!

Tera is coming out tomorrow and it will be an interesting diversion of the present MMO’s out there, having the most fluid and characteristic combat mechanics from every other MMO currently out there. Oh yeah, also featuring spooky campfire storie mode too…I will wait for this one to inevitably convert to F2P, and then I’ll give it a try. It can’t be worse than STO…nothing can be worse than that!

This came to my attention earlier today

It will take about half a year to see if Treyarch can redeem themselves from the atrocity that was COD:BO. Seriously, I felt physically sick playing that game…

Sniper Elite V2 is coming out on 04/05 promising to “Change history with one bullet”. Killing Hitler sounds very interesting – I’m sure P.K. Dick would have written something quite clever and mind-blowing about that alternative history line. Having played the Sniper Elite I can say that this game is the closest thing you can get to feeling like an actual sniper. Give it a try.

I also read this today

My next entry will cover what I think about SW:TOR so far, starting from the beta to my awesome level 50 Sith Assassin and my girlfriend's level 37 puny, pathetic Twillek Jedi sage.

I'll leave you all with this image, I'm the guy on the right :)

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  1. It does look like a huge add-on but nevertheless, the fans will love it. And apparently, Michael Bay, too :-)